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by Niels / Thursday, 26 September 2013 / Published in Uncategorized

Elkay Sports bv introduces an innovative air filter that is completely new to the market!

13:49 24th September 2013 By Ray Chuss

Want rivals to eat your dust? Welcome to the future of off road motor cycle air filter technology – The FunnelWeb Filter. Years in the making and manufactured right in Australia, the FunnelWeb has been designed by industry experts to withstand even the most extreme conditions.

The key is in its shape, allowing for a 100% increase in dirt trapping surface area. FunnelWeb filters use local componentry, specially crafted for often harsh environment – and tested over several years with the assistance of the Australian KTM Race Teams. Despite facing arguably some of the world’s toughest racing conditions, FunnelWeb’s greater filter capacity has provided maximum bite time and again – playing its part in a number of championship wins throughout its development.

The final product gives you and your bike maximum efficiency and maximum results. 100% Australian made, FunnelWeb represents an exciting new era in air filters.

FunnelWeb filters are the result of years of design and innovation – tested and proven to work. Compared to conventional foam air filters, a FunnelWeb filter offers more protection and higher airflow rates even when dirty so its lifespan is twice as much as a normal style air filter. Its unique shape simply works better for longer – providing killer performance in all conditions.